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Practical Pearls

6 Tips to Improve Your Practice

Hypnosis and biofeedback are alternative approaches that addresses the psychological aspects of AD and have garnered attention recently. Some data have shown that stress slows the healing of the skin barrier and can actually worsen AD. Psychosocial stress and sleep deprivation can also disrupt skin barrier function in healthy patients. Read more.

The combination of the 532nm and 940nm wavelength in one machine allows the clinician to treat a sizable proportion of cosmetic dermatology patients. The clinical reality is that a majority of patients present to the dermatologist for treatment of both red and blue vessels, lentigines and freckles, diffuse erythema, and dyschromia. Read more.

A novel constituent of licorice extract, licochalcone A appears to induce an anti-inflammatory effect through the inhibition of COX-2-dependent PGE2 production. In one trial, when patients with mild to moderate facial erythema used licochalcone-containing skincare for eight weeks, they had significant improvements in erythema scores at weeks four and eight and reported improved quality of life. Read more.

Never assume you will sell product. Start small and carry enough inventory, but not too much. Typically, a set of six products of each item is a good start. Don't be bullied into taking on large amounts of a product just to be able to carry it. Most companies will work with you (within reason) to gain your business. Read more.

Some parents and even clinicians eschew the use of higher potency corticosteroids citing concerns about side effect risks. However, using higher potency corticosteroids in appropriate settings may actually reduce the patient's exposure to the corticosteroid, and thereby possibly reduce the risk of adverse events. Read more.

CD07805/47, a proprietary topical gel under investigation for treating patients with moderate to severe facial erythema of rosacea, was safe and effective in a phase IIb trial, according to Galderma. In the trial CD07805/47 was shown to be rapidly effective at reducing facial redness. During the treatment and follow-up phases of the eight-week study, CD07805/47 was judged to be safe and well-tolerated. Read more.