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  • Online Marketing Tips

    Online Marketing Tips Risa Goldman Luksa

    Risa Goldman Luksa tells you what you need to know to ensure a solid foundation for your online marketing program.

  • Essential Marketing Strategies

    Essential Marketing Strategies Risa Goldman Luksa

    There are three essential tactics that set successful marketers apart from the rest. Risa Goldman Luksa of Goldman Marketing Group explains.

  • Master Marketing for Your Practice

    Master Marketing for Your Practice Risa Goldman Luksa

    In today's marketing environment, success depends on a comprehnensive and well-planned approach. Risa Goldman Luksa provides proven strategies for effective in-house practice marketing.

  • Are You a Vein Person?

    Are You a Vein Person?

    Renowned sclerotherapy expert Mitchel P. Goldman, MD, Founder and Medical Director, Goldman Butterwick Fitzpatrick Groff & Fabi Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, uses a variety of techniques to treat varicose and spider veins in patients’ legs. Dr. Goldman takes host Joel L Cohen, MD, behind the scenes …

  • Cryosurgery: A Tool for the Modern Dermatology Practice

    Cryosurgery: A Tool for the Modern Dermatology Practice Mitchel P. Goldman, MD

    Why does a laser expert still use cryosurgery in his busy practice? Mitchel P. Goldman, MD discusses the various uses for cryosurgery for medical applications and to assure good cosmesis. Even in the age of energy-based devices and skilled surgical procedures, the Cry-Ac unit from Brymill remains an…

  • Sclerotherapy Update

    Sclerotherapy Update Mitchel P. Goldman, MD

    In today's cosmetic surgery landscape, treatment of varicosities is an important but frequently overlooked opportunity. Mitchel P. Goldman, MD offers an update on the lost art of sclerotherapy.

  • A True Multipurpose System: M22 for a Range of Patient Needs

    A True Multipurpose System: M22 for a Range of Patient Needs Mitchel P. Goldman, MD

  • Defeating Commoditization with Patient-Focused Care and Marketing

    Defeating Commoditization with Patient-Focused Care and Marketing Daniel P. Friedmann, MD, Mitchel P. Goldman, MD

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Practical Dermatology

  • Recent Developments

    Practical Dermatology - January 2017

    Study Assesses Diversity in Dermatologic Clinical Trials Dermatologic clinical trials within the United States reflect the growing diversity of the US population, but reporting of sex and racial/ethnic diversity of research cohorts is still lacking, especially among studies conducted outside of the US, according to a new report published online by JAMA Dermatology. Dermatologist Arash Mostaghimi, MD, MPA, MPH, of Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, and …

  • A History of Phlebology: Warts and All, Part 3

    Practical Dermatology - December 2016

    The following is the final in a 3-part series on the history and contemporary use of sclerotherapy. Read parts one and two or download the full 3-part series in PDF format online at 1989 was not a particularly opportune time for an American dermatologist / phlebologist (we’ll call him Dr. A), to write an enthusiastic article describing his use and satisfaction with polidocanol (POL), an agent which would remain illegal to use for another 21 years. The FDA had e…

  • Wardrobe Malfunction

    Practical Dermatology - August 2016

    Do you wear scrubs, a white coat, or dress to the nines when seeing patients? New research suggests that the way dermatologists dress does matter—although not as much as physician knowledge and skillset. For the study, Robert S. Kirsner, MD, PhD, Chair & Harvey Blank Professor in the Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and coauthors surveyed the attitudes of dermatology patients in three clinical centers and one univer…

  • Marathon Dermatology

    Practical Dermatology - April 2016

    Current growing fitness trends including long distance running, biking, and Iron Man competitions often lead patients to present with a variety of skin ailments not typically covered in a dermatology residency. Blisters, chafing, or jogger’s nipples may not seem challenging, but dermatologists need rapid ready responses to not only address the acute presenting problem but also counseling measures to help prevent them from recurring. From the head down, this article attempts to address frequent…

  • Device Update

    Practical Dermatology - March 2016

    The ongoing evolution of energy-based devices for aesthetic indications ranging from photoaging to fat continues to draw interest. In fact, demand for the energy-based device session at this year’s Maui Derm for Dermatologists meeting was so high that organizers made a last-minute relocation to the facility’s largest room to accommodate all of the interested attendees. Ahead are key pearls from speakers on the panel. Know Thy Laser Keeping those ever-present latte cups and bott…

  • Fillers for the Décolletage Area

    Practical Dermatology - September 2015

    New innovations in facial rejuvenation over the past 10 years have revolutionized how we treat the face. While these advancements have created many new opportunities for patients and physicians, it has also arguably drawn attention to non-facial areas of the body, albeit indirectly. As patients achieve a more youthful appearance through facial rejuvenation procedures, the juxtaposition of the rejuvenated face with photodamaged skin on their neck and chest (décolletage) can create a notice…