Advertising accepts SWF files, animated GIFs, and JPGs. If a SWF is provided, you may also submit a backup GIF or JPG. In the case that the visitor does not have Flash, backup images will display.

GIF/JPG Requirements

Banner AdAd sizeMax file sizeMax animation time
Leaderboard728x9020K15 seconds
Skyscraper160x60020K15 seconds
Library460x12015K15 seconds

Please include the target hyperlink in an accompanying text file.

SWF Format Requirements

Banner Ad Ad size Max file size Max animation time
Leaderboard 728x90 40K 15 seconds
Skyscraper 160x600 40K 15 seconds
Library 460x120 20K 15 seconds
Links/hotspots within SWFs must use this: getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank");

We do not support Flash 10.2, Flash 11, or Flash 12. Make sure that your Flash (SWF) files are Flash 10.1 or lower.