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  • Prescription Acne Care

    Prescription Acne Care Katie Beleznay, MD

    Katie Beleznay, MD offers tips for managing acne patients using available prescription agents, like retinoids and benzoyl peroxide.

  • Anatomy Lesson: Avoiding Filler Complications

    Anatomy Lesson: Avoiding Filler Complications Katie Beleznay, MD, Rebecca Kazin, MD

    Katie Beleznay, MD talks to Modern Aesthetics Journal Club host Rebecca Kazin, MD about her latest research on filler complications. Dr. Beleznay shares statistics about blindness after injecting fillers, as well as causes, signs of trouble, and steps to take to prevent this complication. She stress…

  • Injectable Fillers: Eye to Safety

    Injectable Fillers: Eye to Safety Katie Beleznay, MD

    Blindness is a rare but serious potential complication from injectable filler. Katie Beleznay, MD discusses strategies to prevent complications and stresses the importance of having an intervention plan.

  • MATV News: Avoiding Serious Complications from Injectable Fillers

    MATV News: Avoiding Serious Complications from Injectable Fillers Katie Beleznay, MD, MATV News

    …tunately occur, and treating physicians must understand the risks and be prepared to treat complications. In this special edition of MATV News, Katie Beleznay, MD, a dermatologist in Vancouver, British Columbia, discusses the rare, but serious complication of blindness, and shares tips for avoiding …

  • Treating Rosacea: Multimodal Approaches

    Treating Rosacea: Multimodal Approaches Katie Beleznay, MD

    From topical skincare and prescriptions to oral agents and energy-based devices, a number of interventions can be used in combination to treat rosacea. Katie Beleznay, MD talks about some of the best approaches to patient care.

  • Choosing a Fellowship

    Choosing a Fellowship Katie Beleznay, MD

    Should you do a fellowship? Which one is right for you. Katie Beleznay, MD talks about the decision making process.

  • Skincare for Acne Patients

    Skincare for Acne Patients Katie Beleznay, MD

    Dispel the myth that patients with acne shouldn't use moisturizers. Discuss skincare with all acne patients, determine what they currently use, and make meaningful recommendations for OTC or dispensed skincare. Be sure to ascertain any OTC topical drug use.

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Practical Dermatology

  • Skincare for Acne and Rosacea Patients

    Practical Dermatology - June 2015

    Dr. Beleznay sat down with Practical Dermatology® and to discuss treatment and skincare recommendations for patients with acne and rosacea. Watch her interviews at Ahead are some of Dr. Beleznay’s top skincare tips for her patients. When patients present to the office, Dr. Beleznay says first and foremost, you must consider what brings the patient to your office, what their concerns are, and get a good history of what they’ve tried before, what they&…