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Zombie Dermatologists Overlook Toenail Onychomycosis

Are zombie dermatologists taking over patient care? When dermatologists neglect the whole body - especially the feet and toenails - they act like zombie clinicians. Learn more in this special report.


JUBLIA (efinaconazole) topical solution, 10% is indicated for the topical treatment of onychomycosis (tinea unguium) of the toenail(s) due to Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.


  • JUBLIA is for topical use only and is not for oral, ophthalmic or intravaginal use.
  • Patients should be instructed to contact their health care professional if a reaction suggesting sensitivity or severe irritation occurs.
  • The most common adverse reactions (incidence >1%) were (vs vehicle): ingrown toenail (2.3% vs 0.7%), application-site dermatitis (2.2% vs 0.2%), application-site vesicles (1.6% vs 0%), and application-site pain (1.1% vs 0.2%).
  • JUBLIA should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus, and should be used with caution in nursing women. The safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients have not been established.

To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS contact Ortho Dermatologicsat 1-800-321-4576 or FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or visit

Please see JUBLIA Prescribing Information.

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